Be a Tourist

I recently saw this youtube video about the benefits of travelling. It claims that you gain memorable experiences, create and develop relationships, and help get you inspired.

As with most people my age, the big barriers to travel are a lack of both time and money. But I don’t think you need to go halfway around the world to have some of the same kinds of experiences, or gain the same benefits.

Tourist is often used in a pejorative sense, but it doesn’t have mean that you are out of touch with the place you’re visiting. Being a tourist is really about recognizing beauty wherever you happen to be.

Recently, I was on a date in downtown Salt Lake at the SLC Craft Festival ( Because I was working at Matheson Courthouse that summer, I usually took my lunch hour to wander around downtown and learn things about the buildings in the area. I stumbled onto some cool stuff like this plaque near the Walker Center. As I was sharing some of this, my date mentioned that I was making her feel like a tourist–I still don’t know if that was good or bad news.

I’m going to try to do a little more tourism on the weekends. I’ve still only been to a few of the parks like Zion’s that people from around the world come to see every year and, for us, they’re right here! I don’t know about you, but my default is to come home, crash, and consume. With a little planning, I hope to get out and do a little more creating.

If you’ve got any ideas on places to see/ things to do, drop me a comment. Thanks!

In the spirit of local tourism, I’ve got two Cinemark guest passes for the first person to send me a picture with Salt Lake’s Petunia the pig.

My tourism list:

Local Trips/Weekend Ideas

Elephant Rock – Mueller Park

Biking on Antelope Island – Frary Peak

Dracula vs. The Wolfman September 27th – November 2nd

It’s a Wondrous Life November 22nd – December 28th

Elf the Musical

Project UP (I’ve got plans to build my own hot air balloon that can carry my cell phone)


Bigger trips

Capitol Reef National Park (Hickman Bridge)

Bryce Canyon (Navajo Garden)

Goblin Valley

Zion National Park (Angels, Narrows)

Desolation Trail

Coyote Gulch

Little Sahara

Kayaking in Lake Powell



California’s Redwood Forest/Highway 1



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