Antelope Island – White Rock Bay


I took a short loop around Antelope Island’s White Rock Bay to see some fall color.

Antelope Island is a 15 mile island in the great salt lake. The island was used as a cattle ranch before it became a state park in 1981. I hear the Stampede Festival is worth checking out too.

You take a causeway across the lake, a $10 entrance fee gets you onto the island. The trails on the east side don’t come highly recommended, the better biking is on the west side. I took the white rock bay loop on this ride, but I’d like to ride split rock bay before it gets too cold.

The trail is a pleasant 8 mile loop. The only complaint I have heard about biking on the island is the bugs, which aren’t a problem at all once the leaves change. I wouldn’t ride this in the spring or summer, though.

The trail is part doubletrack, part single track and sandy and steep enough in places that I ended up doing a little hiking.


I passed a group of four huge buffalo close enough to the trail that passing by was a little nerve-wracking. As I listened to the biggest one snort at me, hypothetical newspaper headlines about a biker being trampled by a buffalo repeated over and over in my mind.


All in all, it was a great getaway and took only an afternoon.


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