I’m Glad I’m a Coca Cola Shareholder

I recently bought back shares of Coca Cola (KO) after the market took a bit of a dip over the last couple weeks.

Back when I bought in the first time, the 2.95% dividend was enough to make it a solid investment, not to mention the symbol is also an abbreviation for “knockout.”

But after holding the stock and getting news on the company, I have become more and more impressed. For example, they suspended advertising after a typhoon and donated the funds to relief efforts. After their superbowl ad, I’m convinced that this is a classy company, at least as far as mutibillion dollar companies go.


It’s only too bad the message of inclusion was somewhat lost in translation. In the US, only 18% of us speak another language compared to 50% in Europe. Studies show that thinking in your second language can help you make better decisions.

It’s sad when people mistake xenophobia for patriotism.  In a global economy, demanding that others “speak american” comes off as arrogant. Indeed, the U.S. does not have an official language. To be perfectly clear, america is bigger than english. Our ideals of liberty require inclusion. Come on people, MLK Jr. day was only a month ago!

I saw the ad as a huge compliment to us as a society and I’m willing to put the few investment dollars I have in play to support a company that actively supports thinking globally and promoting inclusion.


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