The Unexamined Life in the Digital Age

A successful regulatory scheme for data collection must carefully balance consumer protection with the valuable benefits that big data can provide. A risk based, disclosure oriented strategy will accomplish this goal.

OnLaw Symposium Issue: Twin Crises in the Law

Last year, James Holbrook, a law professor at the University of Utah, and Jonathan Hornok, the former editor of the Utah Law Review: OnLaw, published an article in the Utah Bar Journal highlighting two issues facing the legal profession: (1) poor and middle class parties that can’t afford a lawyer and (2) recent law school…

The Fast Lane: Laws that Aid Lawbreakers

“Fast lanes” intentionally facilitate admittedly unlawful or unethical behavior because we believe that facilitating the behavior will actually provide a net benefit to society. Should a cost-benefit analysis be applied when enforcing the law?

Utah Originalism Debated in the Utah Law Review: OnLaw

A recent alum of the S.J. Quinney College of Law, Jeremy Christiansen, published an article responding to Professor Troy Booher’s article published in the Utah Bar Journal on the Utah Supreme Court’s methods of interpreting the Utah State Constitution. Professor Booher’s article can be found here: Professor Booher argues that “the Utah Supreme Court has…

Are Racial Minorities Expelled Too Often in Utah Schools? (Follow Up)

This is a follow up to an earlier post: Any race-based study is complicated by the possible existence of other factors that might better explain any observed disparity. For instance, one might argue that, in reality, the disparity between disciplinary actions among the races might be better explained by socioeconomic status. To evaluate this possibility, we used…