Utah’s Fine Particulate Air Pollution Problem published in Utah OnLaw

Utah is a state that prides itself on its independence and good management. So why are we depending on the EPA to clean up our air? Professor Reitze’s article is a must read for those that want to understand Utah’s air quality issues and advocate for meaningful change.

What You’ll See on the Ballot in November 2014

We hear a lot lately about our “do nothing” congress, but are we “do nothing” voters? The irony of low approval ratings in a democracy is that the government more or less reflects the people it governs. That means that change must start with you as an individual voter. There are great arguments for political…

The Fast Lane: Laws that Aid Lawbreakers

“Fast lanes” intentionally facilitate admittedly unlawful or unethical behavior because we believe that facilitating the behavior will actually provide a net benefit to society. Should a cost-benefit analysis be applied when enforcing the law?

5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Help Fight Inversion Smog

We get upset with companies that produce air pollutants, and with good reason. During the inversion seasons in the winter, our air quality often ranks below Los Angeles. But when it comes to sheer volume of particulate matter in the air, we might be ignoring the biggest contributors–ourselves. Mobile, on road, sources like cars, busses,…

My Christmas List for the Utah Legislature

Dear Utah Legislature, I have just a few requests, some of which coincide with this Utah Foundation report on our quality of life index. Find a way to Improve our Schools We are constantly at the bottom of the list when it comes to per student funding. That said, throwing money at problems doesn’t necessarily…